We are passionate about luxury porcelain and glass

Ever since I was a child, when I went with my parents on frequent trips to castles and chateaux all over the country, I was fascinated by the beauty of the interiors of architectural gems, which castles and chateaux certainly are. What comes to mind when someone says, "I'm going to see the castle." For me personally, it is an opportunity to make a real joy, to look back at the history, which in the case of the castle represents tradition, originality and nobility for me. I also always remember a rich social life, meeting friends, sitting at a selected meal or a friendly meeting over a cup of delicious tea or coffee. And all of this inevitably includes richly decorated porcelain and glass, because this way the unique style of the host can be uniquely expressed.

Porcelain - Glass - The present and us

Today is somewhat different from feudal times, yet much remains. Each of us will certainly enjoy spending time with family or friends over a good meal, as well as a cup of fragrant tea or coffee. Well, why not combine multiple experiences into one? After all, eat good food from an originally decorated plate, enjoy the experience of a cup of tea or coffee drunk from a classy porcelain set or drink a glass of wine, liqueur or cognac from a luxury glass, all this can multiply our experience.

But nowadays, finding just such porcelain and glass in a shop, which would enhance and elevate our dining experience a little higher, is really a big problem. I was convinced myself when I searched hopelessly for my dream wine glasses. And it was this experience that was the impetus for me to start a shop with porcelain, glass and cutlery, which aims to make your dining a unique experience. Together with my daughter, we would like to help you find your dream of traditional, original and classy glass and porcelain produced exclusively in Czech porcelain and glassworks and richly hand-decorated with great love. Behind every single piece of a beautiful plate, cup or glass lies the professionalism and ingenuity of Czech hands, which offers you only and only goods in first-class quality. We try to find for you mainly products that you will not find anywhere else in the stores at all or only to a limited extent. If it happens that you do not find your dream porcelain or glass in our offer, do not hesitate to contact us by phone, e-mail or visit us in person. You can see not only the products we offer with your own eyes, but also the catalog of goods for foreign markets, where we can drink the already mentioned cup of coffee or tea. As a bonus, it is possible to visit the local caves, walk through the beautiful nature or visit one of the many beautiful castles in the area. Together we will certainly find exactly what you are looking for. We want to help build friendships. After all, a porcelain set or a glass set from us is a value for several generations. The products we offer are not just consumer goods but a lasting value. A value that will please not only you, but also many generations after you.